Walk Through the Woods #tdc1762 #diglitclass

I was walking through the woods from Pontypridd to Scrabster in the dark of night. It was towards the end of fall. 
Unexpectedly, the wind began to blow. It whipped the leaves against each other. I heard soft footsteps coming up behind me. 
I didn’t turn around. Instead, I quickened my pace. Who or whatever followed suit.
Before I knew it, I was running at a dead sprint. I continued at that speed for the remaining 3 miles to Scrabster. I thought the thing was getting closer, so I ran faster.
When I arrived at my sister’s house, I quickly ran inside and proceeded to slam the door shut.
As I turned around, my sister asked how I tore my shirt. I responded that I didn’t know what she was talking about.
She spun me around and pushed me towards the mirror. My shirt had three large slashes in the back of it. 
I had no idea those rips got there. It had to have been whatever or whoever was chasing me. But what was it?


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