Biscuits #diglitclass

We couldn’t decide what to have for breakfast this weekend.  Finally, my wife suggested sausage gravy and biscuits.  As she was headed to the store to get all the ingredients, I had an idea – Why not try to make biscuits and incorporate my ILP?  They would have to be better than either frozen or the notorious refrigerated canned biscuits, right?  I figured it was worth a chance.

I was then onto the next problem: finding a biscuit recipe that would be easy enough to put together quickly and still taste good.  As I was recipe searching, my wife suggested I look on Pinterest.  She said she had seen a recipe on there for biscuits, so I decided to look it up.  Low and behold, I finally found the recipe that I was looking for.  The recipe was called Butter Dip Biscuits from The Country Cook.

Looking at the recipe, I was really not intimidated.  It seriously only had 5 (yes, 5) ingredients.  And minus the buttermilk, it was all stuff that you should probably already have in your pantry.

Photo Credit Gabe Dorcey


I’ll be honest, the hardest part of the entire recipe was melting the butter.  I know it sounds dumb, but it really was.  Our microwave, is…well…old.  And temperamental.   Melting butter in the microwave is a lot tougher than it really should be at our house. Anyway, I got the butter melted and proceeded to mix the rest of the ingredients in one of my wife’s mixing bowls.



Photo Credit Gabe Dorcey

After I got the batter mixed, I put it into the square pan.  You just need to make sure to put it in the pan carefully so that you don’t splatter any of the butter that you (or at least I) worked so hard to melt.  The batter was a little hard to spread in the pan because of the butter in the bottom, but I just kept slowly pushing it to the sides and I finally got it where I wanted.

My oven didn’t really follow the baking time stated in the recipe.  I think I ended up baking the biscuits for an additional 8 minutes or so to get them to the color that I thought looked the most done.  Not that it was that big of a deal, but just something to keep in mind if we make these again.

Photo Credit Gabe Dorcey

Speaking of making these again…that is something that will probably happen.  Not only are these really easy to make, but they were really good too.  If you’ve ever had beer bread before, I would say that these are the biscuit form of that.  Seriously, if you ever need biscuits for something, it is worth it to use this recipe and make them homemade.


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