Google “Gabe Dorcey” #diglitclass

Photo CC-By Neon Tommy

Before today, I had never Googled myself before.  I never really had a reason to.  For my Digital Literacy class, one of our assignments was to Google our names and see what comes up.  Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect.

I went ahead and Googled my name both ways: “Gabe Dorcey” and “Gabriel Dorcey”.  I definitely had more results when I searched my name the first way.  I’m guessing that is because I typically go by “Gabe” not “Gabriel”.

A lot of the results that showed up on the first page were actually projects that I am currently working on for this semester.  There were a bunch of my Twitter posts, my Vine account, my blog site, and my website (for one of my other classes) listed on this page.  There were a few results that showed my address, but nothing overly surprising.  The one thing I did find that I thought was pretty funny was a box score from a basketball game I was in from 2000.  It was on the third page, which I thought to be pretty high up in the search results for an almost 16-year old post.

When I went and looked in the Images section, I was happy that I only saw one image that was mine.  It is actually the image that I use on my Twitter account, which makes sense since that is the platform that I probably use the most right now.

Since there wasn’t a lot for me to really look at when I Googled myself, I went ahead and searched for my wife.  Because she is more active on social media, and the web in general, I thought she would pull more results that I did.  And…I was correct.  There were about the same number of search results that I had, but the one thing that was different was in the Images section.  She had a lot more images associated with her name.  A lot of them were old (and from MySpace, of all places), but there were quite a few that were from the past few years.  A lot of the images were of our boys, and I’m not exactly sure how I feel about that.

I definitely did not do a lot of deep digging when I searched our names, but from what I did find, I was relatively happy.  But this also reaffirms my belief that you have to be very careful about what you put out on the web and social media.  Once you post something, it’s out there forever.  There’s no delete button to erase it from the web.  Something very important to remember in both our personal and professional lives.


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