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When I started reading up on ds106, I will admit, I was slightly confused as to what I was actually looking at.  So I reread the first paragraph a couple of times, and then finally started to make my way down the page.  Honestly, I still wasn’t really getting it.  I kept on reading, and then read some more.  Basically what I understand it to be is a free (yes, free), open, online course to learn about digital storytelling.  According to Wikipedia, digital storytelling is “a short form of digital media production that allows everyday people to share aspects of their life story.”  I was finally starting to understand.  As I scrolled down, there was a link for a collection of assignments, so I figured that if that didn’t fully explain it for me, I don’t know what would.

Photo of ds106 Collection of Assignments Page



Good thing I found that link, because that cleared up quite a few of my questions.  This page lays out all the different assignment categories that you can pull a project from. To the left is a screen capture from the ds106 collection of assignments page.




In ds106, you are basically learning how to put together digital media that you can share on the web, whether it be on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc. to tell your life story.  There are 10 different categories you can pick from, which all have different assignments to pick from.  Not sure what you want to do?  At the bottom of the collection of assignments page, you can spin for a randomly chosen assignment.

Photo CC-By Wes Peck

The thing I like best about this course is that it is such a creative way to help people learn how to make digital media, and at the same time share their life experiences.  I’ll be honest, looking through the assignments, I really don’t know how to do a lot of it.  I also wasn’t sure how I could use this resource for my future PE teachings.  I happened to find the Nike Run GPS Map Art assignment under Web Assignments.  Basically, you download the app, go for a run, and try to make a shape or art out of your path.  It’s definitely something I think students would be interested in.

I knew that there were all sorts of apps and programs out there to create digital media, I just didn’t know what they were or where to find them.  ds106 is not only a great idea, but also a great resource for teachers everywhere.  I plan on taking the ds106 course in the future so that I can learn more about digital media, and use those skills to integrate digital media with PE.



2 thoughts on “#ds106 #diglitclass

  1. I was confused about what it was as well! The title “ds106” really throws you off I think. I thought you did great research and I can tell you put a lot of thought into learning more about it. Thanks for sharing!


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