Hacker #diglitclass

When I first read the titles of the video and blog required for this post, I have to admit that I was intrigued.  As I’m sure with many people, when I think about a hacker, I think about a computer whiz that is breaking into my computer or sending out some sort of Trojan horse virus.

Of course, I was wrong.  A hacker is someone who just finds a better way to do something. In regards to my teaching, I want to be a hacker.  I don’t want to be a teacher who just lectures or talks at the students.  I plan on being a PE teacher, so I want to help expose the students to different activities that they can do throughout their life as well as what an important role nutrition plays in your adult life.  I don’t just want to do units on team sports, and then the kids play the sports for a month and get bored.

I want to find a way to get them excited about being healthy, which will help them be happy – the 2 things that Logan LaPlante says are so important in his TED Talk Hackschooling Makes Me Happy.  This kid was an amazing speaker for only being 13.  I am actually envious of what his school schedule looks like.  He is learning by doing, which is how I want to teach.  I think it is so beneficial to teach with real world examples and how they are applicable to our everyday lives.

Photo CC-By Andrew Taylor

I really enjoyed Bud Hunt’s blog post, Centering on Essential Lenses. If teachers/administrators would spend more time allowing students to make, hack, and play, I think you would not only find more productive students, but also fewer students getting bored and in trouble.   I was never really into making things until I took a pottery class in middle school.  I wasn’t into drawing or painting, but for some reason I was pretty good at making pottery, and actually enjoyed it. I also think playing is an important part of learning. When I was reading this, my first thought of “play” was playing around with a car engine, trying to figure out how it works.  This would be so much more beneficial, for a hands-on learner like me, to learn this way rather than to read it in a book.  But I think too many times, educators are tasked with covering such a broad scope in the classes that they don’t get to go deep in the topics to really help the kids learn.

I enjoyed reading about this topic.  I am going to make every effort to incorporate make, hack, and play into my teaching style so that I can get my students’ brains thinking in a different way.


5 thoughts on “Hacker #diglitclass

  1. jaylinnlohrdigitalliteracy

    Great post! I thought the same when I first heard about it however it seems to be very helpful and would get the kids attention.


    1. I really think that teaching by getting kids to make, hack, and play would help keep their minds and hands busy, helping them to think deeper and would prevent them from getting in trouble from being bored.


  2. Thanks for following my blog on diet, exercise and living past 100. I am enjoying my visit to yours. As a former college teacher (journalism) I agree with your plans on using make, hack and play as part of your teaching style. You need to get their imagination working. Good luck!


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