Cooking and Baking – Not Just for Women Anymore #diglitclass

For our independent learning projects, we were asked to choose something that we would like to learn.  I thought long and hard about what I wanted to learn.  I consulted my wife and she suggested that I learn to be more of a prominent face in the kitchen.  With that being said, I have chosen the task of learning how to become a better baker/chef.

I’m not saying that only women belong in the kitchen.  That’s not what I’m saying at all. Anymore, the kitchen can definitely be a shared space and it is becoming more and more common for the man to do a larger percentage of the cooking.   But let’s be honest – in a lot of homes and relationships, women still tend to do a lot of the cooking and baking. That’s only partially true in our house.

I’ll be honest – I’m not too shabby at cooking.  I can whip up some spaghetti or make some pretty good tacos.  There are, however, some things that I could improve at.  I would love to be able to make a roast that just falls apart when you bite into it.  Or make a warm pot of chili on a cool fall day (but who are we kidding…we’re in Nebraska, so there would be cinnamon rolls to go along with that chili).

Photo CC-By Jack Lyons

Which brings me to something that I have never really done before – baking.  That is one thing that I have left to my wife.  I can take a box mix of brownies or cake and throw it in the oven – that I can do.  But what I am talking about here is good, made from scratch baking.  My mom was an incredible baker when we were growing up. There were 8 of us kids, so we were pretty fortunate that Mom was great in the kitchen…and at everything else.  To this day, she still always has homemade treats on the counter when we come to visit.  I want to learn how to bake not only so that I can help out presently, but so that I can fully appreciate all the time it took for my mom to master the art of baked goods.  Because trust me, she has definitely mastered it.

Photo CC-By averya219

At the conclusion of this project, I hope to be able to pay homage to my mother and her mastery of baked goods.  I will also be able to be a little bit more of a help to my wife in the kitchen.



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